30th Anniversary of Australian Galleries in Sydney

In News July 26, 2019

Director Stuart Purves and Tim Storrier at Australian Galleries, Sydney in 1989

Australian Galleries Turns 30!

30 years ago today Australian Galleries opened its doors in Roylston Street Sydney.

Pictured here in July 1989, is National Director Stuart Purves with Tim Storrier, who was the first artist to exhibit with the gallery in NSW and whose magnificent work we are delighted to be showing in September this year at Sydney Contemporary.

Director Stuart Purves, along with his dynamic team, continues to strengthen and diversify the thriving enterprise started in Melbourne in 1956 by his parents Anne and Tam Purves. The move to Sydney in 1989 was driven by a natural extension of AG’s client base and a continued effort to offer strong opportunities and closer contact with artists living in NSW. During this time, the gallery has enjoyed the privilege of promoting and encouraging a leading selection of modern and contemporary Australian artists.

Thank you to all of the artists and visitors we have had the pleasure of working with for our first 30 years in Sydney.

We look forward to bringing more wonderful exhibitions and artists to this space for many years to come!


Australian Galleries’ first invitation for their inaugural Tim Storrier exhibition in Sydney in 1989


Left to right: Lewis Miller, Stuart Purves, Peter Kingston and Peter Churcher at Australian Galleries, Sydney in 2010.


Australian Galleries, 15 Roylston Street, Sydney, 2013.