Melbourne, 22 Aug 2023 — 9 Sep 2023

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Fans in a stream
- Kevin Mortensen

‘The title for the exhibition ‘Fans in a stream’ comes from Japanese culture. The fan is the symbol of life, the sticks radiating from the rivet, symbolizing the sun’s rays radiating out and supporting life itself. 

Ethereal spirit entities in the form of beautiful painted fans are carried by the stream. These fans never fall over, but remain upright over waterfalls, around rocky outcrops, and into still, quiet pools. A suitable metaphor for the practice and the beauty of art.’

– K.C. Mortensen, 2023

Kevin Mortensen
Figurative and abstract sculptor and printmaker Kevin Mortensen studied at the Melbourne Teachers College and …
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