Melbourne, 13 Apr 2021 — 2 May 2021

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Robin Stewart

The circumstances of Robin Stewart’s paintings depict a modern human predicament: the pressure of commercial life. Affairs are packed into a day, which gives no time to think, contemplate, or play. So, a restaurant becomes a place to catch up on correspondence, a café is now an institution where business is carried out. The subjects of his paintings toil quietly, fulfilling a task which must be completed, surrounded by the built environment, the desk, the stairs, the corners, the lifts and the fluoro lights. They wait for a meeting. They pay a bill. Home is far away. A building must be locked. A cleaner begins his work. Drawing has been a central part of Robin Stewart’s art from the beginning. He will often begin his works in pencil and graduate into oil.


Robin Stewart
Robin L. Stewart has exhibited paintings in solo and group shows around Australia, Japan and …
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