‘Extinct’ – Artistic Impressions of Our Lost Wildlife

In News October 13, 2021

Image above: Sue Anderson  Christmas Island Pipistrelle  coloured pencil on paper  30.5 x 22 cm

‘Extinct’ is a recently published book by Benjamin Gray which showcases stunning artwork and stories of Australian animals that have been lost to extinction.

Australia is home to an incredible diversity of native animals. While Australian animals are among the most unique in the world, they are also among the most endangered, with hundreds currently on the brink of extinction. We must act quickly if we are to save these species, as once gone, they are gone forever.

‘Extinct’ is a collection of artworks from established and emerging Australian fine artists, each depicting an Australian animal that has already, for various reasons, tumbled over the edge into extinction. The book features artworks from Sue Anderson, Dianne Fogwell, David Frazer, Bruce Goold, Nick Howson, Terry Matassoni, Rick Matear, Geoffrey Ricardo and Marina Strocchi. Each artwork is accompanied by stories of each animal, highlighting the importance of what we have lost, so that we appreciate what we have not lost yet. ‘Extinct’ laments their loss, but also celebrates their former existence, diversity and significance.

For more information, and to purchase a copy of the book, visit CSIRO Publishing’s website.

Image above: Dianne Fogwell  In hope of company (Lord Howe Gerygone)  2020  linocut  76.5 x 54 cmImage above: David Frazer  Incognito King Island Emu  2020  wood engraving and type 9 x 5 cm

Image above: Bruce Goold  Count Gallinule (White Gallinule)  Giclee print on 300 gsm Canson French paper  edition 25  58 x 41 cm
Image above: Nick Howson  Paradise parrot  2019  oil on Belgian linen  90 x 120 cmImage above: Terry Matassoni  Kangaroo Island Emu  2019  oil on canvas  35 x 40 cmImage above: Rick Matear  Percy Island (QLD) Flying Fox  2018  oil on canvas  37 x 51 cm

Image above: Geoffrey Ricardo  Lesser Stick-Nest Rat  2018  acrylic on paper  30 x 42 cm

Image above: Marina Strocchi  Thylascinus Cynocephalus (after Broinowski)  2018  acrylic on linen  31 x 41 cm