Melbourne, 30 May 2023 — 17 Jun 2023

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Mao, Mengele and Martina Navratilova
- Cameron Hayes

‘People love to say “so and so changed world history” as if to say if Gutenberg wasn’t born then we would still be buying handwritten newspapers, or if it wasn’t for Billie Jean King women tennis players would still be playing tennis in wedding dresses. People like the comedy/tragedy that we can solve systematic problems with biographical solutions. We like to think the big systems which dictate our lives like time, other people, attraction, government, the market etc, can be altered by the type of person we are and the way we behave in our lives – our biography.

We choose, or rather we create historical figures who perform the impossibility of pitting their biography against the system. We find comforting those historical figures whose mistakes (death) were to us foreseeable and so to us avoidable.

A story about someone you know is more interesting than about someone you don’t. By using historical figures in a painting there is already a platform of familiarity to start from. Historical figures in art function the same way biblical figures in religious culture do, Greek gods in literature do, and totems in indigenous art do, they can be used as surrogates to criticise contemporary behaviour while offering contemporary people the comfort of plausible deniability. History painting feels like gossip because it has the accessibility of a moral pantomime where no-one feels judged and everyone can judge.’ – Cameron Hayes, 2023

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Cameron Hayes
Densely layered, monumental paintings reveal recurring themes within Cameron Hayes’ oeuvre drawn from unabashed, uncomfortable …
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