Melbourne, 11 May 2021 — 30 May 2021

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

History Rhymes
- Heather Shimmen

Empowering the animal world through myths, literature, poetry, nursery rhymes and cartoons might seem a common form of transmogrifying humanity’s morals and politics, but it is an effective way to pull out darker stories about personal memories and historical events. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and James Gilray gave animals distinctive personalities and names, characters who were capable of interventions or facilitating fateful and hilarious outcomes. Artists such as Goya animated his etchings with owls, bats and donkeys to great effect. In Heather Shimmen’s recent body of prints and sculptural assemblages we find Indigenous Australian creatures enticing us into fabulous, metaphysical realms that weave around politics, environmentalism, racism and feminising tales of women adrift, adorned, lost or outcast. Excavating forgotten stories and sequencing images is one of Shimmen’s main conceptual and aesthetic tropes and her repertoire of animals and visual narratives engage us at various levels. In her words, ‘A bee in the hair is worth a hive in the hand’, sometimes with a sting.

Excerpt from essay by Sheridan Palmer, March 2021

Meet the Artist – Saturday 22 May 2pm to 4pm


Heather Shimmen
Expressionistic and figurative printmaker Heather Shimmen was born in Melbourne and completed a Bachelor of …
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